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The Career Navigator’s cutting edge psychometric technology is powered by Harrison Assessments who have been continuously researching, developing and fine tuning workplace solutions for over 25 years. The technology is ISO 10667 for Assessment Service Delivery in Job Specific Workplace Assessment.

Harrison Assessments is a global organisation with operations in 46 countries. Clients include some of the best known companies in the world including Mastercard, Cathay Pacific, Toyota, Microsoft, KPMG and many others large and small.

Easy to use

The SmartQuestionnaire’s simplicity for users is it’s core strength. The ranking of statements through the drag and drop interface is underpinned by a complex algorithm meaning that our 20 minute questionnaire is the equivalent of over 2,500 multiple choice questions (or a whole day’s worth). This means we can assess 175 workplace factors including personality traits, task preferences, engagement & retention factors, work environment preferences, values and motivational drivers. Compare this to well known tools like Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) or DiSC which measure only 4 traits. Harrison Assessments takes less time and is much more detailed and accurate.

Psychological Theory

Career Navigator is based on two psychological pillars:

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