Paradox Graph

The world’s most dynamic psychometric tool. The Paradox Graph provides a complete snapshot of your behavioural patterns and how they can change in response to stress across twelve key workplace areas.

Play to your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses.

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Your Greatest Strengths FREE

Your Greatest Strengths is an excellent tool for reminding yourself of what you’re naturally good at. These are your instinctual skills and preferences that are dominant factors in career enjoyment and success if harnessed correctly.

Many people use it as a helpful tool when writing their cv and preparing for job interviews.

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interactive Career Options

Career Options Trial Version

The interactive Career Options report provides a ranked list of careers to which you are highly suited. It includes descriptions, salary data, suggested courses and the ability to generate Career Enjoyment Analysis reports for your shortlisted careers. The Free Trial version lists careers 11-20. The Full Version lists all 680 careers.

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Career Enjoyment Analysis

What aspects of this career will you enjoy and what might you find challenging or unsuitable?

Review detailed information on your shortlisted careers to allow you to make a more informed decision on which career to pursue.

Accessed via the interactive Career Options report.

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Career Development Report

Career Development

The Career Development report identifies what is important to you and provides a checklist of personalised requirements to consider when choosing a career path, a new job or a new workplace.

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