We understand that using predictive behavioural data analytics to help you make better career decisions seems pretty complex at the start. Use our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more.

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Why use the Forsee system?

It’s really simple, Forsee used predictive data analytics to give you the information you need to make better career decisions. When it comes to choosing a new career path or which course at university/tafe, the cost in wasted time and wasted money of making a bad choice can be huge.

You wouldn’t buy a house without getting a building report to make sure there are no hidden surprises. The same logic needs to apply to choosing careers. Invest a small amount now and avoid making a bad decision.

In addition, our research shows you are three times more likely to succeed in a career you enjoy. This means you can both reduce your chance of making a bad decision and increase your chances of being successful.  This isn’t a personality test. It’s data driven predictive analytics. If you want to make better career decisions then invest in a Report Package from Forsee.

How long does the Questionnaire take?

The SmartQuestionnaire takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes to complete and is best done in a quiet place where you can concentrate without distraction. If for some reason you cannot complete the questionnaire straight away, you can come back and finish it at any time by clicking on the same questionnaire link in your Welcome email.

All of our reports are generated from this one SmartQuestionnaire.

Do I need to do any preparation?

There are no right or wrong answers, and you are not being ranked on your intelligence or mathematical ability. We are simply using an advanced process to match your unique combination of personality traits, interests and workplace preferences with careers where the most common tasks required are those that you will enjoy doing.
The bulk of the questionnaire is spent ranking statements through a drag and drop process to reflect your Suitability (will you enjoy it) for 683 Career Options.

Why no multiple choice questions?

Most people are used to completing multiple choice questions on personality based quizzes. The Smart Questionnaires’s drag and drop ranking of statements uses an advanced algorithm which is the equivalent of 2,701 multiple choice questions.

We are so accurate because we have so much more data to analyse.

Would you rather spend 20 minutes on the Smart Questionnaire or two days completing multiple choice questions?       I thought so 🙂

Do I have to complete a Questionnaire for each report?

No, you only have to complete the Smart Questionnaire once. It takes approximately 20 minutes. All Career Navigator System reports are generated from just this one data source.

What happens after I complete the Questionnaire?

Once you complete the Smart Questionnaire you will be automatically taken to the Welcome page inside the Forsee system. You can watch the video showing you how to access your Free Trial reports and how you can purchase the full report packs to get the most detailed information.

All report packs include a Report Review session delivered using Google Hangouts video conferencing. You will receive an email so you can book a session time that suits you.

Can I purchase a Gift Certificate for someone else?

Yes, you can purchase a gift certificate for anyone who you want to help find a career that will make them happier and more successful. Just choose the gift certificate option from the Shopping Cart.

Is Forsee proven to be psychologically valid?

Yes, Forsee utilises Dr Dan Harrison’s 30+ years of research in the fields of Organisational Psychology and Mathematics to power the system. It is one of the most advanced technologies in the field and has reviewed as valid and useful psychometric tool. Click here to learn more

Consider you are being measured on 175 traits specifically for the workplace, compared to well known personality quizzes which measure 4 traits. The same technology is being used by global businesses like Mastercard and Toyota.

What is the recommended age of a user?

Forsee is recommended for ages 15 and over.

Younger users can use it as a tool to help choose appropriate subjects or courses that will lead to their preferred career option.

Our oldest user so far is 76 years old. Let us know if you can beat that 🙂

Does the Questionnaire work on mobile phones and tablets?

Yes, the SmartQuestionnaire works on all devices. This includes any smart phone with internet access and a touch screen that allows you to drag and drop the statements with your finger.

What are the Paradox Graphs and why do people keep talking about them?

The Paradox Graph provides a dynamic summary of your personality, behaviours and workplace preferences. It’s ability to map people’s normal behavioural ranges and responses to stress is scarily accurate. These insights guide personal development and Paradox is by far the report that people love. Click here to learn more.

How does the Free Trial work?

The Free Trial uses the same Smart Questionnaire as all of the reports. You can access your free full report on Your Greatest Strengths and view your career matches 11-20 on the interactive Career Options report.

Are the report packages the best value?

Yes, the Career Pack and the Know Yourself Pack are the best value.

The Career Pack includes $401 of reports plus a 20 minute One on One Report Review for only $139.

The Know Yourself Pack adds the Paradox Graphs and includes $500 of reports plus a 30 minute One on One Report Review for only $199.

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How does the 1 on 1 Report Review work?

These reports are even more valuable after discussing them one on one with an Advisor who can provide context and help create those “aha” moments of self-awareness.

We use an online booking system so you can choose from the available times that best suits you. After purchase you will receive an email with a booking link.

We use video conferencing via Google Hangouts (default) or Skype. If you can’t access the internet we can call you on the telephone.

Are my results secure?

Yes, your reports are stored on Harrison Assessments’ secure server. No one at Forsee can view your reports without your express permission. Your privacy and data security is a primary concern of Forsee.

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Should I automatically choose the Number 1 career match?

Not necessarily. Only you know which career options really interest and excite you and only you can make the final decision as to which career path you will follow. Its quite likely that some highly suitable jobs will be of no interest to you. Use the shortlist to choose the jobs you want to look further into and then generate a Career Enjoyment Analysis reports for those careers that you want to delve deeper into.

Any career above 80% is highly suitable and has an increased chance of your being successful in. Just because a career is suitable, doesn’t mean its the right career for you.

I've always wanted to be a .............. but the report gives me a low suitability score. Should I give up my dream?

No, if your heart is set on being a ………….. and the report says you have low/medium suitability it does not mean you should straight away give up on that dream. However, you should take the time to generate a Career Enjoyment Analysis report on this career and review in detail what aspects will and will not be suitable. From there it is for you to weigh up whether this information changes anything and make your own decision. Research has found that if someone has an intense passion for an area, this can sometimes override some of the less suitable traits and still result in a successful career.

What do I do if something doesn't work properly?

Send us an email to support@forsee.com.au outlining what problem you’re having. Include your phone number so we can call you and walk through the solution if required.

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