Our Vision

We want to change the way people go about choosing their careers and developing their talents.

Why are we still making these huge life decisions based purely on gut feeling when we have amazing tools available that can provide valuable data to help us make better decisions? The Forsee Coaching experience provides the data driven guidance to give you the confidence your searching for. To truly know yourself.

We believe we can play a a small part in helping to create a world where people truly enjoy their jobs. A place where people are good at their work and consequently, are a lot more productive. A world where people are excited to wake up on Monday morning ready to embrace the challenges the working day has ahead.

When you take a step back and consider how much of our life we spend working it becomes apparent how massively important it is to our overall happiness and relationships that our careers are a match for what we like doing. Enjoy Performance Theory quite simply states that the tasks we enjoy doing, we perform more often and consequently we get better at them. For me it seems obvious that we all need to take more care in ensuring that our career choices align with this common sense concept. A healthier, happier world awaits if we all can get it right.

At Forsee we believe in giving back, so 5% of our profit each year will be donated to the following charities detailed here.

The information and insights Forsee provides can be incredibly valuable and I hope it can help you transform your life.

We’d love if you share your success stories and experiences with our team.

Wishing you the best of luck in 2018!


Andrew Hartland
Founder / Managing Director

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